Brand Name Registration


Brand Name Registration in India

A brand is a name or a symbol, which is associated with tangible and emotional attributes to identify the goods or services of one seller in order to differentiate them from those of competitors. A brand designates a product or service as being different from competitors' products and services by signaling certain key values specific to a particular brand. Determining the value of a brand is generally a combination of direct and indirect processes. A direct measurement process is one that arrives at a price based on the communication investment made behind the brand. An indirect measurement will value the brand based on what it can add to the bottom line.

Brand Name Registration Services

We are leading law firm in consulting for the registration of your esteemed company Brand Name, Logo, Product Name, and Copy Right. We work closely with our customers to advice on clearance and availability of brand names, logos, designs and trademarks. Our brand clearance team carries out extensive searches to clear brands for use.